Viking Cloak Pin from Birka with Wolf Heads


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      Sometimes I am so struck by an original piece from the Viking Age that, time is no object, I just have to make it. This fantastic cloak pin with wolf heads was unearthed in Birka in a rich warrior grave (number 561). Such a splendid Viking cloak pin takes many painstaking hours to make and must have looked magnificent on the chest of the man who first wore it. It dates from 9th - 10th century, showing both Borre and Jelling style elements.

      It comprises of 5 intricately-cast pieces in bronze, plus 4 silver rivets, all of them mounted on a hammered silver pin with a silver ring.

      Three wolf heads adorn the top of the pin. The wolf was the totem animal of the warrior in the Viking Age, a fierce beast and a loyal member of the brotherhood of the wolfpack

      I do not often manage to find the time to make such a unique piece, there are not many of them in existence.

       Produced in bronze and sterling silver only.

      Pin length 210mm


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