Viking Firesteel From Gotland


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      I copied this ornate viking firesteel from a find in Gotland.  To strike a spark in the northern darkness and to conjure a fire was more than just a survival skill. It played a role in myth and ritual. Perhaps this is why the Vikings of Gotland produced this type of ornate viking firesteel, as a symbol of the flame that keeps the darkness at bay. It is intended to be worn hanging from the belt; more than just a simple tool, it is also a ceremonial firesteel.

      The patterned plates are cast in bronze or sterling silver and the steel itself is very hard and strikes fluent sparks.


      height 90mm


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      Rhiannon Phillips

      Absolutely beautiful item,I'm so excited to give it to my husband for Christmas, he will love it. He's a woodsman so it will be perfect for his fires.
      Thank you so much

      Thank you Rhiannon

      Awesome "Hans flatterer"

      This firesteel is an extraordinary example of great modern Viking craftmanship. I like to touch and to use it. It was worth waiting for it. Thank you so much.

      Thanks so much Bj√∏rn

      Danr Grnker
      My stealthy bling thing

      I own one of these Firesteels since 4 years. It is the most valuable gadget I carry around on my viking gear. I love, that most people do not especially look at it - it just fits perfect to my belt. But all vikings with good knowledge know exactly, what valuable peace of art it is!

      In addition to that, it never failed me, to strike a spark to light my fire.

      Thanks Danr

      Original y precioso

      Una reproduccion con el estilo personal de su artesano, original e inconfundible. Trabajo finamente acabado y pulido, yo lo compre en plata.
      Una joya preciosa ademas de √∫til!

      Muchas gracias.

      Sparkles as hell

      I bought this piece in silver 3 years ago and it is still my favourite part of gear. It is filigrane work and I really like to use it. It sparkles like a modern fire steal.

      Customer Reviews

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