Viking Scabbard Chape


    • Description

      The sword was one of the most potent symbols of the Viking Age, the outward sign of a warrior. Many viking scabbard tips – or chapes – have been found, and this is one of the most common types. I know of 19 examples found, from 7 different countries: Denmark, Greenland, Germany, Iceland, England, Sweden and Russia. I have copied mine closely from the originals. It bears a stylised wolf in the 10th century Jelling style, to guard the weapon and to symbolise the ferocious spirit of the viking warrior.

      We are not certain how the original chapes were attached to the scabbard. I have added two spikes. If the tips of the chape are bent outwards, the scabbard can be pushed firmly into place, before the tips are bent together, to lock the chape into the material of the scabbard. 

      Size and Weight 

      Height 79mm (3 1/8 inches)

      Dimensions inside at the opening: 35mm x 17mm, in an oval shape.

      Weight Sterling Silver 55g (Weight may vary from piece to piece)