Viking Scabbard Mouth


    • Description

      I have made this viking scabbard mouth in the 10th century Jelling style. The pattern is my own design, made to match the historical chape (M56). I have copied the form of the mouth from a find of a scabbard mouth from Hedeby (Haithabu).

      There are two ways of fixing it to the scabbard. For a bendable leather scabbard, there are small spikes that can pierce and be bent to hold it in place. For a wooden scabbard, these spikes should be clipped off and glue used instead, reinforced with a rivet drilled through the pattern of the mouth itself.

      Size and Weight 

      Exterior width 78mm 

      Interior opening 60mm x 19mm oval shaped

      Weight Sterling Silver 78g (Weight may vary from piece to piece)