Viking Warrior Champion Belt Stud in Mammen Style


    • Description

      Many years ago I was asked to design a belt as a prize for a Viking warrior contest.

      This was the Mammen style belt stud that I designed for the champion belt. I took the image of the raven from the amazing Cammin casket, which is covered with stunning patterns in the Mammen style. It was a real pleasure for me to just make models inspired by this casket, without having to limit myself to copying an actual find.

      The raven was a symbol of the power of the mind. The ravens Huginn and Muninn aided the god Odin in his quest for wisdom. As a totem animal, the raven could guide the shaman to the Otherworld. Images of the raven are everywhere in Viking art, as well as in their myths and poetry.

      I think it fits well on a belt for a Viking warrior champion.

      The stud has four spikes at the corners which can be riveted to a backing plate, or simply bent over.

      We offer a discount if you buy in quantity:

      10 – 15 pieces gives a 10% discount

      16 – 20 pieces gives a 15% discount

      21+ pieces gives a 40% discount

      If you would like to order using the quantity discount please contact us.

      If you want to order these studs put on a belt, see the Viking belt offer at the start of this Belt Fittings section.

      The stud is intended to fit on the part of the belt that hangs down. For this reason the studs measure 25 x 36mm. They will not fit upright (as in the pictures) on the 35mm wide belt.

      Weight Sterling Silver 17g (Weight may vary from piece to piece)