Bronze and Silver Double Skin Tortoise Brooches


    • Description

      There are some magnificent finds of tortoise brooches from the Viking Age and I wanted the challenge of making something really special. I have combined the contasting colours of bronze and silver, inlaid them with twisted silver wire and riveted them with silver studs. They are a great deal of work to make and I only rarely find time to complete them. So I do not make many! The price is for the pair.

      Just like the originals, they are painstakingly produced from a separately-cast base and top piece, hence the name 'double skin'. I have made them as thin and light as possible, with a strong steel pin on the back.

      To save weight I have made them about 20% smaller than the original type.

      They are Petersen type 51, the most popular style of the Viking Age, found in every country where the Vikings settled, in use in the 9th and 10th centuries.

      They are exceptional treasures from the Viking Age that can now be worn by Viking women today.

      The price if for the pair.

      Length 86mm