Equal-Armed Brooch from Birka


    • Description

      Many equal-armed brooches have been found from the Viking Age. This one was worn by a woman from Birka in Sweden, although more examples of this type have been found. This one has a very organic, curved shape with a deep-cut pattern with 4 gripping beasts.

      Birka was a thriving trading town (near current-day Stockholm) that stood on the crossroads of the trade routes between east and west. Styles came in from the east, but the equal armed brooch held its own as one of the classic pieces of Viking style dress.

      The equal-armed brooch was used by Viking women to close a cloak or coat. I have made mine with a strong pin for medium or heavy weight cloth

      Length 80mm 

      Weight of the Sterling Silver 32g (Weight may vary from piece to piece)