Tiny Trefoil Brooch


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      This tiny brooch is my own design following the common form of the trefoil brooches worn by Viking women.

      How Viking women came to wear such trefoils is a curious story. The idea for making this type of brooch originated when the Vikings went plundering in the Frankish lands. The Franks wore ornate trefoil fittings on their sword belts, which were eagerly gathered by Vikings. When they returned home they needed to offer exotic treasures to their womenfolk. These flashy tri-lobed fittings – once a pin had been put on the back – made perfect gifts!

      The idea caught on, and Viking craftsmen then began to make their own brooches in this unusual shape, using their own individual style of Viking art.

      Height 25mm

      Weight for Sterling Silver 6g (Weight may vary from piece to piece 


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