Tortoise Brooches in Borre Style


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      I have made these viking tortoise brooches from an original Borre style type widespread in the 9th - 10th century. I made my model from a find in Sweden, but other tortoise brooches of this type have been found in Norway and Iceland. The delicate pattern of knotwork and gripping beasts is lightweight but strong, with a sturdy spring-steel pin on the back. Mine are made in the original size, but I have removed the backplate to reduce the weight. Borre style beast heads form loops at the bottom of the brooches, to hang beads or a bead divider.

      It took me many days to carve the original of these tortoise brooches – I have taken great care to recreate the artistry of the originals. I hope women will wear them today with as much pride as those worn by women in the Viking Age.

      Please note that the silver brooches are made to order, and will take 3-4 weeks to deliver.


      Length 109mm 

      Weight for Sterling Silver Pair 208g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 



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      Beautifully detailed and strong

      I bought a pair of these years ago, along with a few other pieces for the other ladies in my vikinglag. They were all so beautiful and really detailed. Very much for when you want to dress up as a rich viking!

      Everything we recieved from Northan was of high quality. I'd also like to add that they are sturdy. The pins are very strong, which is important for brooches this big. Even through all the years I've had them the pins are still straight. I have other cheaper pieces from other sellers and the pins have bent.

      I also remember that the shipping was fast back then, and we got a lovely note from the seller as well.

      I got these in bronze (but sometimes I wish I had them in silver).

      Thank you Astrid

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