Tortoise Brooches in Borre Style


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      I have made these viking tortoise brooches from an original Borre style type widespread in the 9th - 10th century. I made my model from a find in Sweden, but other tortoise brooches of this type have been found in Norway and Iceland. The delicate pattern of knotwork and gripping beasts is lightweight but strong, with a sturdy spring-steel pin on the back. Mine are made in the original size, but I have removed the backplate to reduce the weight. Borre style beast heads form loops at the bottom of the brooches, to hang beads or a bead divider.

      It took me many days to carve the original of these tortoise brooches – I have taken great care to recreate the artistry of the originals. I hope women will wear them today with as much pride as those worn by women in the Viking Age.


      Length 109mm 



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