Viking Tortoise Brooches in Jelling Style


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      My tortoise brooches show three Jelling style beasts, entwined in interlaced harmony. Many tortoise brooches survive from the Viking Age, most of them conforming to types that were repeated by many different craftsmen. But these are an unusual type and must have been very special to some proud women in the Viking times. I know of three original finds from the 10th century, one from Hedeby (Haithabu), one from Norway and one from Iceland, so this unusual type was widespread. All three are slightly different and I have changed mine a little also, smoothing out the elegant pattern and reducing the size slightly.

      A strong steel pin ensures that my tortoise brooches are easy to use and will not come undone.

      Price is for the pair

      Length 83mm 

      Weight for Sterling Silver Pair 133g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 



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      Julia Vasileva
      My favorite Viking brooches!!!

      Very beautiful and quality piece!!! These tortoise brooches in Jelling style are my favorite viking brooches from the Viking Age!! And these replics/ versions by the great Northan Viking silver are so lovely and perfect!!!! I love them very much!!!! This is a real masterpiese of the viking art!!!

      Thank you Julia

      Beautiful work

      These pieces are amazing because of the style and quality. Additionally I love these tortoise brooches because they are smaller than most other ones.

      Thank you Birte

      Sigrn Bjrk lafsdttir
      Superb quality!

      Being Icelandic, I wanted my Viking kit to be based on finds from Iceland. This is far from easy as it turns out that the Tortoise broches found in Iceland (properties of the National museum) have never been cast. In my search for them, I spoke to not only curators there but also a jewellry maker who took most (if not all) casts that have made it as replicas. This was a huge disapointment. When I arrived in York 2020, I had my silver coins with me in the hope of finding "my brooches". I trawled the stalls and found many stunning pieces but none that had any connection with Iceland or Norway (I had accepted I´d have to settle for Norwegian find) - until I came to the final stall - the Northan Viking Silver. There on display were the most beautiful silver brooches I´d seen and when with baited breath, I asked Alban "where were these found" and he responded with Iceland, Sweden and Jelling - I couldn´t believe it! I hit the jackpot! I was so impressed with Albans work that I also bought a pair of his own design - raven bead dividers. Again, absolutely stunning! The workmanship is absolutely the best and my silver pieces from Alban have become one of my most treasured treasures. I cannot recommend his work highly enough and I for one certainly am a customer for life - with a special eye for anything found in Iceland! ;)

      Thank you so much Sigrn

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